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      Congratulations to Bailey Y., Caitlin P., and Matthew W. on passing your PA State Driver’s License Exam and becoming a Licensed PA Drivers!


06.13.13 – Registration and Insurance

     We know you are all responsible drivers as well as responsible citizens therefore we just have a quick reminder!!!


      Pennsylvania vehicle registrations expire every year!
      And most insurance policies are valid for either 6 months or 1 year!


      It is a good idea to make sure that your registration and insurance are valid and that the registration and insurance cards are in the car.


06.04.13 – Practice makes perfect

      Practice makes perfect, so when your driving instructor thinks you are ready, why not get more practice with family or a friend.


06.03.13 – emergency vehicles

      Part of being a responsible driver is being aware of your surroundings as well as others on the road with you.  When an emergency vehicle is approaching the first thing to do is slow down and check on the traffic around you. Avoid pulling over immediately — there could be another car, a cyclist, or a pedestrian in your path. Once you spot a clear path to the shoulder, flip on your blinker or your hazard lights and make your way over to the right. Wait to make sure the coast is clear before you pull back into traffic.



      How would you like 30 years in prison?
      We’re pretty sure no one we know wants that.  Recently a resident of NJ was charged and convicted of conspiracy, aggravated arson and insurance fraud.
      What was he thinking…?
 30 years in the slammer guys.
Insurance fraud is a crime. – Don’t forget.


06.01.13 – Nervous/Anxious

      It’s okay to be a little nervous when supervising a new driver; stress will help you be more alert and more responsive to the situation. On the other hand, too much anxiety will make things difficult for your new driver; he or she has their own stress to deal with, and will usually benefit from a calming influence. A highly strung parent, guardian or supervisor can make driving more dangerous. If you are genuinely anxious about the supervisory role, consider your options.


      If you feel the fear is not likely to be resolved, passing the job to someone else may be the right thing to do.  And that’s what we are here to do.  Call us today!