Our 6 Hour Certified Behind-the-Wheel Defensive Driver’s Education Course provides new drivers with a structured driver’s education curriculum.  The course consists of (3) 2-hour sessions where new drivers will begin with basic driving skills, progressing onto advanced driving skills, and then finishing skills.

New drivers will gain lifelong driving skills and confidence during each lesson in a comfortable learning environment with limited distractions.

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Structured Behind-the-Wheel Driver’s Education

Our lessons are taught by Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Driver’s Education Instructors in Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Driver’s Education Vehicles which are clearly wrapped, with a mounted auxiliary brake.

Students are picked up and dropped off at home, school, work, or an agreed upon location.

Upon completion of each lesson a StreetSkills evaluation is sent via email to provide the new driver with a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses displayed while driving, to guide drivers through their driver’s education.

Upon completion of the certified course a certificate of completion is sent via email, which in combination with the completion of our 30 Hour Online Driver’s Education Course, may qualify the new driver for a new driver discount through many insurance carriers until the student is 21 years of age.

First Lesson – Basic Skills:

Behind-the-Wheel Lesson #1 starts from the first approach of the vehicle. New drivers will learn to look for potential hazards in the immediate area as well as how to do a quick visual inspection of the vehicle itself. Students will not only learn the controls of the vehicle, but also, when and how to properly use them. This lesson takes place on local, lower traffic volume roadways allowing students to learn how to handle the vehicle, navigate curves, and turns, in addition, to smooth stopping, starting, accelerating, decelerating, proper spacing, consistent speed, lane positioning, eye positioning/tracking and more. This lesson introduces new drivers to defense driving skills which will provide them with the knowledge and confidence they need to reduce the risk of accidents, enabling them to return home safely. 

Second Lesson – Advanced Skills:

Behind-the-Wheel Lesson #2 takes place on highways and city roadways.  In addition to the skills the driver learned in the previous lesson students will learn how to drive in increased traffic volumes with city and highway traffic while learning how to drive at higher rates of speed, safely change lanes and merge, identify blind spots and pedestrian activity.  In addition to handling complex intersections and sharing the roadway with large commercial vehicles.

Third Lesson – Finishing Skills:

Behind-the-Wheel Lesson #3 takes place on roadways similar to the testing location roadways and in a parking lot where the parallel parking maneuver can be practiced. In addition to the skills the driver learned in the previous lessons students will learn how to parallel park, reverse the car, pull in and out of parking spots, U-turns, K-turns, and a basic review of everything that the student will be tested on during the Driver’s License Exam.

 We understand that every new driver begins driver training at varying abilities and some will progress less quickly than others and vice versa, therefore; the content of each lesson will vary according to the new driver’s abilities.  All lessons are taught in a comfortable learning environment with limited distractions. Students are never forced forward or held back.

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