Risk Management has changed drastically over the last few decades, with improved driver technology, distractions and road rage being the norm; fleet and commercial drivers face several challenges on today’s complex roadways. Our fleet and commercial division, StreetSafe Driving Academy, provides Vehicle Operating Policy Overviews, Classroom Safety Seminars, and Remedial One-on-One Driver Training to provide organizations with the best practices, guidelines, and standard operating procedures to aid in crash and loss reduction.

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We provide the training, motivation, and skills for your staff to be safe and reliable operators.

Our years of experience make us the premier choice in risk management training for fleet and commercial organizations of all sizes. John’s Driving School & StreetSafe Driving Academy provide a menu of customized services and programs to assist organizations with tailored tools that fleet and commercial teams need to become and/or remain safe and reliable operators.

Company Vehicle Operating Policy Overview

Our trained fleet and commercial personnel work with organizations directly to review, evaluate, and update or help develop professional driver training procedures by providing expert advice on ways to reduce the risk associated with vehicle operators; the impact they have on the organization, insurance rates, and the appearance not only within the community but also with clients.

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Classroom Safety Seminars

John’s Driving School & StreetSafe Driving Academy provide tailored onsite safety seminars to motivate employees to be safe and reliable operators.

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Remedial One-on-One Driver Training

Remedial One-on-One Driver Training is intended for good employees that have had some problems driving and have had a violation(s) and/or accident(s). Our trained fleet and commercial trainers evaluate the driving skills of employees on simulated everyday driving routes and related scenarios to monitor how they handle driving situations Behind-the-Wheel; while providing instruction and techniques to improve their driving skills. Remedial Driver Training is scheduled in 2 or 4 hours sessions, in the organization’s vehicle or ours.

Upon completion organizations receive a Certificate of Completion and a StreetSkills Evaluation providing a clear and accurate assessment of the driving skills the employee displayed; and our professional recommendations to further aid the employee to better handle the vehicle and what to work on.

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  • Au Pair Behind-the-Wheel Safety Evaluations
  • C.A.T. Clinic (Collision Avoidance Techniques)
  • Court Diversion Behind-the-Wheel Lessons
  • Senior Refresher Lessons & Evaluations
  • Specialized instruction for students with varying abilities
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