Our StreetSafe Behind-the-Wheel Driving lessons offer a unique opportunity for students to learn from individuals that are not only Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Instructors but also, have a background in Law Enforcement.  Their experience, unique insight, and reality-based training methods provided by our decorated, off-duty, and/or retired law enforcement officers/instructors take Driver’s Education to the next level. Their experience with the consequences of bad driving provides drivers with incredibly accurate insight and instruction on how to drive defensively.

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The Next Level of Driver’s Education

Each one-on-one, 2-hour Behind-the-Wheel lesson is taught in one of our clearly marked Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Vehicles by one of our Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Instructors.

Upon completion of each lesson a StreetSkills evaluation is sent via email to provide the new driver with a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses displayed while driving, to guide drivers’ through their driver’s education. 

Service may not be available in all areas.

6 Hour Certified Behind-the-Wheel Driver’s Education Course

Our 6 Hour Certified Behind-the-Wheel Defensive Driver’s Education Course provides new drivers with a structured driver’s education curriculum.

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Single 2 Hour Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons Available

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  • Au Pair Behind-the-Wheel Safety Evaluations
  • C.A.T. Clinic (Collision Avoidance Techniques)
  • Court Diversion Behind-the-Wheel Lessons
  • Senior Refresher Lessons & Evaluations
  • Specialized instruction for students with varying abilities
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