Our Court Diversion Driving Lessons provide another option and allow drivers to take lessons instead of receiving points, license suspensions, or to reduce fines for drivers who have received tickets/judgements; when approved by Judges and Lawyers. 

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Drivers Education to keep you safely on the road.

Our 2 hour Behind-the-Wheel Court Diversion lessons focus on correcting bad habits that many people pick up while driving. During lessons our state certified instructors work one-on-one with the drivers to emphasize why the driver is taking the lesson, whether for speeding, passing school buses, aggressive driving, road rage, proper stopping and following distance, etc. John’s Driving School provides the driver with the skills needed to fortify a foundation of good habits that were either learned and forgotten or never learned, while educating or re-educating them on common unknown driving and roadway laws.

Laws and safety concepts reviewed during our Court Diversion Lesson(s) include but are not limited to the following:

These lessons are not intended to teach drivers how to drive or how to parallel park.

Please review with your specific Judge to confirm course approval, we are not responsible for and cannot and do not guarantee point or fine reduction.

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  • Au Pair Behind-the-Wheel Safety Evaluations
  • C.A.T. Clinic (Collision Avoidance Techniques)
  • Court Diversion Behind-the-Wheel Lessons
  • Senior Refresher Lessons & Evaluations
  • Specialized instruction for students with varying abilities
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