In today’s ever-evolving world, driving is a vital skill where both new and veteran drivers face daily challenges, from distractions to unexpected scenarios. Our mission is to equip students of all learning backgrounds with the ability to drive safely and with confidence. Our patient, friendly, and Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Instructors are adept at tailoring instruction to meet the diverse needs of each learner. We focus on reinforcing essential driving skills and techniques, attentively adapting to each driver’s unique learning process. We offer specialized driving instruction with our various Behind-The-Wheel lessons, designed to provide peace of mind to the driver and their family.

Packages & Rates

We understand that every driver begins driver training at varying abilities and some will progress less quickly than others and vice versa.  Our experience and patient instructors work with drivers one-on-one in a comfortable learning environment with limited distractions and stress factors. Students are never forced forward or held back.


Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons

Our Behind-the-Wheel Defensive Driving Lessons are essential in establishing safe driving habits in new drivers. Our StreetSkills Evaluations, affordable package rates, and convenient door to door pick up and drop off make us the best choice!

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StreetSafe Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons

Our StreetSafe Behind-the-Wheel Driving lessons offer a unique opportunity for students to learn from individuals that are not only Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Instructors but also, have a background in Law Enforcement.

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PA Class C Non-Commercial Driver's License Testing

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Online Driver's Education Theory Course

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  • Au Pair Behind-the-Wheel Safety Evaluations
  • C.A.T. Clinic (Collision Avoidance Techniques)
  • Court Diversion Behind-the-Wheel Lessons
  • Senior Refresher Lessons & Evaluations
  • Specialized instruction for students with varying abilities
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