Pennsylvania Class C Non-Commercial Driver’s License Testing

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Certified 3rd Party Testing Center


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As a PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center we are required to follow all of the same guidelines as all of the Pennsylvania Driver’s License Centers.

We are now able to give the Class C Non-Commercial Skills Test as a PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center. We were one of the few locations selected by PennDOT for a pilot program to give the driver’s licensing exam. That means if you have your PA Learner’s permit you don’t have to wait weeks for your test, and based on our availability it can be as little as a 48 hour wait. The best thing is, there will be NO need to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to schedule an exam, and you can call us during normal business hours to book your test!


Please note:

  • Examiners:
    • All of our examiners are PennDOT Certified.
  • Test Routes:
    • All of our test routes are PennDOT approved.
    • Every driver’s skills test route has the same minimum required components. Parallel parking will be tested before going on the public roadway. The applicant’s skills are assessed while performing at least two right turns and at least two left turns while on the road. The applicant must also drive through and abide by at least one traffic control device, such as a stop sign or traffic signal, and one speed zone change.
  • Skills Test Scoring:
    • The skills test is scored according to PennDOT’s regulation point system.
    • This system serves as the measure in determining whether an applicant is qualified to receive a PA Driver’s License and whether the applicant can continue building skills on their own.


Upon successful completion of the driver’s skills test, the learner’s permit will be marked and the results will be submitted to PennDOT for processing. Once PennDOT posts the test results, a camera card will be issued and mailed to the address of record. The applicant should receive the camera card within 2-3 weeks from the date it was processed by PennDOT. Please note: Upon passing the exam the correctly marked and documented PA Learner’s Permit does in fact serve as a License until the applicant receives the camera card.

If the applicant is unsuccessful in passing the driver’s skills test the learner’s permit will be marked and the results will be submitted to PennDOT for processing. At this point applicants 18 years of age or older may schedule themselves for the next available appointment which will be at least 48 hours with John’s Driving School as per our state contract requirements. Those applicants ages 16-17 must wait at least 7 days to be eligible for another exam. Please note: If this is the applicants’ third unsuccessful attempt at the driver’s skills test, the learner’s permit will no longer be valid for continued practicing or testing and the applicant will need to obtain a new learner’s permit.