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Commercial and Fleet Services


Fleet crash prevention courses based on Police EVOC training implemented by EVOC trainers for organizations to reduce fleet crash rates and help minimize personal injury, property damage loss, lost revenues and liability costs associated with fleet crashes.

We employ current and retired police personnel who have extensive education and experience in driver training, accident investigation and EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator Courses). Our instructors provide unique insight and reality based training methods to the industry. Upon completion, we provide certificates for those who have successfully completed the course.

Classroom Safety Seminars and Behind-the-Wheel skill building courses are provided in a friendly but challenging setting. Seminars and Courses can be scheduled at your site and are crafted to your organization’s specific needs and demands. 

Half Day (4 hour) courses:  We combining short classroom presentations followed by behind-the-wheel skill courses at your site. These seminars are geared to improve your staff’s awareness and everyday driving habits. The goal is to reduce all crashes and the resulting costs to your organization as well as injury claims and loss of manpower.

Full Day (8 hour) courses:  Similar to our half day course, with more in depth strategies and challenging skill courses. We combine dynamic braking and steering exercises into the program that enables your employees to be aware of the capabilities of the vehicles they operate on a day-to-day basis.

One-on-One Behind-the-Wheel Training for new employees:  Catered to employees with past crash history and those needing remedial training. We evaluate and formulate recommendations for improvement to those employees.

Classroom Safety Seminars:  Behind-the-Wheel skill building courses provided our staff in a friendly but challenging setting. These programs can be scheduled at your site and are crafted to your specific needs and demands. 

Our mission is to offer your organization the best practices, guidelines, and standard operating procedures for your fleet. We make recommendations to you present policies and procedures to better protect the organization and your staff. To assist you in the crash and loss reduction of your fleet. We provide the training, motivation and skills for your staff to be safe and reliable operators.

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience in offering these programs to first responders of all levels, including but not limited to, police, fire and ambulance industry. We also offer specific training for CDL, school bus and other transportation services.

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