Headshot of Michael “Mike” Keenan

Michael “Mike” Keenan

Driving Instructor

Mike is a Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Driver’s Education Instructor.

My name is Michael “Mike” Keenan, I grew up in Bryn Mawr and now live with my wife and children in nearby Havertown. I attended St. Joseph’s Prep in Philadelphia and obtained my B.A in Philosophy from The Catholic University of America. I obtained my M.A in Criminal Justice Administration from St. Joseph’s University and have advanced training in Emergency Vehicle Training, Collision Investigation, Crisis Intervention, and DUI Investigations. I enjoy playing with my children, cooking with my wife, and woodworking. I love to read crime fiction and science fiction; I often jump between several books at once. If I have some free time I like to draw and paint. My favorite thing about being a Driving Instructor is the subtle shift in a student’s demeanor when the instruction finally “clicks”. If I have done my job correctly, hopefully my students will pass along some remembered note to their own children in the future.