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  • Are you too busy to safely teach your child how to drive?
  • Are you nervous about taking your child on the road for the first time?
  • Is your child anxious about driving in general?

John’s Driving School Can Help!

We have been teaching Lower Bucks County residence for over 40 years. Our one on one Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons are essential to your child’s own personal learning style. With our door to door service and package deals we are not only convenient, but affordable. During each lesson our instructors will help boost your child’s confidence while providing a comfortable environment with limited distractions. Our lessons are given by state certified driving instructors, who have obtained all state educational and criminal background clearances.  After your child has completed our Behind-the-Wheel Course a certificate of completion will be issued which may qualify you for insurance discounts until your child is 21 years of age.  To make it even more convenient and stress free we are a PennDOT Certified Third Party Testing Center and can give your child the Pennsylvania Class C Non-Commercial Skills Test, which can be scheduled in as little as 48 hours!

Your child will not only learn how to take and pass the driver exam, but will also learn the necessary driving skills needed to be a successful driver.

Our course includes:

  • Handling the automobile on the road
  • Proper vision skills
  • Line Position
  • Safe following distance
  • Right-of-Way
  • Traffic Signs and Road Markings
  • Highway and City Driving
  • Reversing
  • Pulling in and Out of Parking Spots
  • Parallel Parking
  • U-turns
  • K-turns
  • And More!

All lessons are done in 2-hour sessions. We recommend parent/guardian tutoring in between lessons to practice the skills and techniques taught during the last lesson.

The automobiles used for our Behind-the-Wheel driver’s education lessons are all white mid-sized; four door sedans, with automatic transmissions.  Our vehicles are insured and equipped with dual brakes and John’s Driving School Decals to specify a Student Driver. All of our instructors, as well as the driving school are state certified.