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What To Expect: Driving Lessons

Congratulations! You’ve successfully obtained your learner’s permit. Now it’s time to take on driving lessons. There’s nothing to stress about – just a lot to learn before you take on driving by yourself. Read on to uncover what driving lessons have in store for you.

Expect to go out on the freeway. As a matter of fact, expect to try driving on every type road, from residential, to back roads, to highways and interstates.

Expect to drive at different times, in different conditions. You should schedule your driving lessons so that you are driving throughout various times during the day. If possible, try to schedule your driving lessons around various weather patterns as well. It’s important to cover the necessary safety steps to take when driving in inclement weather like snow or rain.

Expect to park the car. Your driving instructor will take you through the steps of parallel parking. You will also practice parking in lots, on the street, even in your driveway. Expect to park by pulling into a spot and backing into a spot.

Expect to unplug. Of course, you are already aware of the laws against texting and driving. During your driving lesson, expect to keep your cell phone on silent, or even turned off to avoid becoming a distraction to you during your lesson.

Expect to be assigned homework! It is important to practice what you learned during your lesson with a licensed driver, especially if there is going to be a lot of time between lessons with your instructor. Practice what was discussed with your teacher, and make note of any questions you may have. Also take note of things that you would like to learn prior to taking your license exam.

Be sure to have your permit, corrective lenses or sunglasses, and a comfortable pair of shoes ready for your first driving lesson. Keep your eyes on the road, and good luck!