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What to Expect: Driver’s Permit Test

Taking the test to obtain your learner’s permit doesn’t have to be a stressful time. These tips will help you be prepared to take the test and get on the fast track to driving.

Study The Handbook. Much of the information included in the handbook might seem like common sense, but it’s all good information that you should know. The questions asked on the Learner’s Permit test can cover any of the topics in the handbook, so be sure to read it cover to cover. For added experience, watch your parents while they drive. Observe the techniques they are using and pay attention to road signs and signals. All of this will help you to quiz yourself on the handbook information.

Take Practice Tests. Have a friend or parent quiz you on the information in the driver’s handbook. Look online for free practice tests that you can take an unlimited amount of times. These practice tests can help you figure out which areas of the test you are struggling with and the information you should focus more. It is also a good idea to time yourself when you’re taking these tests, as the permit test has a limit.

What To Bring: You’ll need to bring some sort of identification (like a passport), as well as your permit application (found in your handbook) and a signed parent permission form. Your social security information, proof of PA residency, and a check or money order will also be required before you take the test.

Taking The Test: The test is timed and you will be stopped when that limit is reached. For reference, the test is usually 15 to 18 questions long. Don’t spend too much time on any one question. If you’re worried about the time, call your local DMV and inquire about the time given for the test. The test will be multiple choice, and can be administered on a computer or be hand written. The questions will range from text-based to pictures or diagrams, and can cover anything that was covered in the handbook. There won’t be any trick questions!

When you’re headed to get your permit, take some deep breaths and relax! With these helpful studying tips and test-taking guide, you’ll be prepared to take on the learner’s permit test.